FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – This year, the traditional Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on the third Friday of Lent – a day that observant Catholics refrain from eating meat.

For Irish Catholics, this would mean celebrating the holiday without some Irish staples such as corned beef or shepherd’s pie. For those Catholics looking to celebrate the holiday and continue to observe Lent, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno has a solution.

In response to a question from, the Diocese of Fresno sent back an answer to what a parish can do to allow its members to continue celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

“If a parish is planning any event or gathering for St. Patrick’s Day, the parish can submit a written request to the Bishop’s office. Those who’s request is approved, are encouraged to abstain from meat on another day as part of their penitential practices during lent or do an extra act of charity or penance in exchange for eating meat on St. Patrick’s Day.”

– Statement from the Diocese of Fresno

Dioceses from other areas of the United States have also released statements allowing their parishioners to eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day, such as those in Pennsylvania, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the holiday and continue to observe their Catholic obligations.