CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Two brothers say they took it upon themselves to stop and help the two victims of a truck crash in Clovis early Wednesday morning – after the vehicle smashed into a home, hit a gas main and burst into flames.

Matthew and Nathan Ollis of Clovis say they were driving down the street when they saw a truck embedded in the house with flames coming out.

“I parked as close as I could and jumped out and ran around the truck and I saw one guy laying on the ground outside the truck on fire totally unconscious – and I dragged him out of the wall,” said Matthew.

Meet the brothers who pulled 2 men from a burning truck in Clovis
Matthew and Nathan Ollis looking at the incident Wednesday morning.

Matthew says he went back inside to get the other person out – who was also unconscious. That person quickly came back around and exit the house as the flames intensified.

“I’m glad that I could be there at the right time to be able to save their lives because, if it would have been any time later, it would have been impossible because right when the second guy and I jumped out of the wall, the gas tank started shooting a flame out,” said Matthew.

The rescue happened so fast that by the time Nathan came around, he says his brother had already gotten the two men out.

“My brother puts it in park and bolts (…) I went around and he’s already got the two guys outside the house (…) my brother is the true hero right now,” said Nathan.

When asked why he reacted so quickly, Matthew said the person inside must have been important to someone.

“That someone’s dad, someone’s brother, someone’s son, a human being that doesn’t deserve to be burnt alive.”

Officials with the City of Clovis also confirmed that two brothers were among the first people at the scene, and were present when the first responders arrived.

According to the Clovis Fire Department, the driver and passenger were transported to a local hospital with burn injuries. No one was inside the home at the time of the crash.