Porterville, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A home in Porterville has allegedly been haunted in the past (or maybe still) by evil gnomes.

Gnomes are mythological creatures of European origin. They have been represented as small, physically deformed creatures that resemble dry, gnarled old men. In many tales around the world, gnomes have been known to be mischievous and sometimes dangerous creatures that have terrorized families.

Like the case of Tammy Thomas who shared the story of her supposed encounter with an evil gnome in the series “Monsters and Mysteries in America.”

Tammy had moved herself and her three children to a country house in Porterville that was located by the Tule River. She said she always had a feeling of being watched and that there was an ominous feeling that would come from a barn.

One evening as she came from the grocery store with her son, they reported hearing an “evil-sounding chuckle” as they walked toward their door.

When they turned in the direction of the voice, about 50 yards away stood what she could only describe as a gnome. The creature was about two or three feet tall and grinned at them with a creepy smile that “spread from ear to ear,” with brown, jagged, pointy teeth.

Tammy and her son ran inside and locked the doors. As she gathered her family, she noticed it moving outside the kitchen window. It eventually disappeared.

This is one of two families that had what they believe was an encounter with a similar gnome if not the same one at that residence. At one point, they even met up at the residence to validate their claims to one another.

Years later the question remains — was a gnome terrorizing these families?