FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Stand-up comedian Bill Burr will be performing in Fresno this week, but members of the audience will have to lock up their phones, smartwatches and other accessories in secured pouches in order to see him on stage.

Bill Burr’s “Slight Return” tour is stopping at the Save Mart Center on Friday; tickets are currently priced between $76.50 and $96.50 and the event is described as a “phone-free experience.” A disclaimer on the ticket-selling website details that phones will not be permitted in the performance space.

“Upon arrival at the venue, phones, smart watches and accessories will be secured in individual Yondr pouches that will be opened at the end of the event. Guests maintain possession of their devices at all times, and can access them throughout the event only in designated Phone Use Areas within the venue. All devices will be re-secured in Yondr pouches before returning to the performance space.”

Save Mart Center

The advice adds a warning from the Save Mart Center stating that anyone seen using a device during the performance will be escorted out of the venue by tour security.

Officials say the pouches are routinely sanitized and that Yondr staff members are required to follow hygiene protocols and wear personal protective equipment.

Using Yondr to secure electronic devices away is nothing new. According to our Los Angeles-based news partner KTLA, Yondr was being used as far back as October 2019 to stop students in a Los Angeles school from using their devices during class. Students were required to lock up their phones before the day began and the end result was positive, with many saying that it was a better experience.

In an interview with KTLA in 2019, the CEO of Yondr said the creation of a phone-free space helps people.

“Places you can go where no one can text you, no one can email you, you’re just kind of there,” said Graham Dugoni, CEO of Yondr.