FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Fresno appears to be on the radar with Marvel Comics after being featured as a city targeted in the comic book “Thanos: Return of the Mad Titan” published in November.

It was written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Luca Pizzari.

This comic starts off with a girl named Roberta, living in Fresno, working at a pharmacy, and listening to a podcast.

Roberta works through her day and afterward makes a stop at the Mountain View Cemetery (which is a real location in Fresno, at 1411 W Belmont Avenue) to visit the grave of Marie Collins. Roberta eventually makes her way back home.

When Roberta is back at work in the pharmacy, a customer (who she drove past on her way to the cemetery) looks at her and says “it’s you, you’re my Marie.” Roberta is confused – but does not have much time to think it over as it is at that point when supervillain Thanos arrives in the sky, causing buildings to fall and freeways to break with an all-out attack on Fresno.

“Hear me Fresno, there is one among you whom I seek. The rest are but chaff, there will be a culling until I find her,” Thanos commands the city.

Everyone panics as Thanos snatches away a section of Fresno.

“Jumping cripes, is that Fresno?” cries an astronaut on the International Space Station as the city is pulled up out of the Earth and into outer space.

The scene changes to Roberta waking up and receiving an announcement to come to the front of the building where she sees Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Emma Frost, Antimatter Reactor, and Blue Marvel. Roberta asks the heroes what is going on and they tell her Thanos is on the search for her and they are there to help.

The comic ends “to be continued” with a photo of Thanos targeting the heroes. Further details on what happened to Fresno were not revealed.