FRESNO, Calif (KSEE/KGPE) – In 2022, Google processed over 99,000 searches every second, according to Oberlo. That equates to over 8.5 billion searches a day. 63% of those searches come from people’s mobile devices. Meaning people on the go are looking for answers to a wide variety of questions.

This raises yet another question, what are people searching for? Specifically, what are people searching for in Fresno?

Google has come to the rescue once again to answer our question as the search engine has put together year-round search data of what people are looking for. Every year it releases a “year in search” report, but this year they have narrowed it down to be able to spotlight local searches.

Here are the top ten trendings “near me” searches in the Fresno area, according to Google.

  • 10. Batting cages near me
  • 9. Donut shops near me
  • 8. Estate sales near me
  • 7. Festivals near me
  • 6. Pilates near me
  • 5. At home COVID tests near me
  • 4. Remote jobs near me
  • 3. diesel prices near me
  • 2. gas prices near me
  • 1. cheapest gas near me

With the price of gas the way it was part of 2022, it comes as no surprise that the top three searches had to do with the price of fuel. According to Google, the Fresno area searched for “cheapest gas near me” over two times more than last year.

The middle of the pack was quite diverse in terms of searches, but Google did highlight the number 10 search on our list “batting cages near me”, saying that of the nine U.S. places with that search as their top trending, Fresno had searched the most for it.

Another interesting piece of trivia from this year’s trends is that Fresno’s area’s top trending animal this year was the muntjac deer. If you don’t know what that is… Google it. This was also the only place in the country that had sazerac as its top trending recipe. Finally, as far as music, Google says Fresno searched for rap more than any other music genre.