FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A coming together of music and medical is the foundation for a new mental health center in Fresno.

On Saturday afternoon a gathering of music promoters, musicians, and photographers attended the Music Industry Meet Up, a group that gathers once a month to network with one another. This was not a regular gathering for the group – but instead featured a big announcement from one of its members.

“It still hasn’t settled in, even though I’ve known for months and months, ” says Art Silva, founder of The Art Silva Foundation. “I never thought in a million years being this poor, suicidal, boy -being in the industry to bring music and medical together.”

Silva announced The Art Silva Foundation Mental Health Practice, open to anyone. The Art Silva Foundation is a community-based non-profit with three divisions; the divisions are Entertainment, Medical, and Finacial. The main goal of the practice is to focus on healing through creative practices like music, art, and other creative outlets.

“It’s natural for me to help people, Art’s really passionate about doing that so it is no problem working with him to make stuff happen,” says Robert Marquez, co-founder/ board member of The Art Silva Foundation.

People in support of Silva’s vision filled the room and came to the meet-up to hear his announcement.

“Art’s more the visionary, so being a part of it for so long is energizing,” says Chad Ivie, board member of The Art Silva Foundation.

Silva says the project is something he has been working on for months. At the meet-up, he opened up about his own mental health. His goal is to create a safe space or what he says ‘creating a home,’ for anyone struggling with their mental health.

“I still can’t believe it, it still has not hit me,” says Silva.

Before the mental health facility can fully operate, therapists and other positions still need to be filled and legal actions need to be taken which Marquez says he is in charge of.

“My job is to make sure Art’s vision comes true,” says Marquez.

There is already an office space ready to be used off of First and Dakota, the mental health facility will take insurances like; Cal-viva, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Medi-Cal.

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