FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Those half-empty or full clear water bottles piling up in your car could actually be a fire hazard as warmer weather moves in.

Fire officials say drinking water to stay hydrated is crucial as the heat rolls in and while it might seem tempting, your car is one of the worst places to keep bottled water – as officials say it could start a fire.

According to a demonstration conducted by firefighters in Midwest City, OK, a full clear water bottle was able to burn a hole through a piece of paper. The test shows a full bottle with clear liquid inside used to make the smoke appear and burn through the sheet of paper.

Here in the Central Valley, above-average temperatures are on their way.

KSEE24 Meteorologist Reuben Contreras says the rest of the week will be in the upper 80s. He says that is normal for late May into early June and temperatures jump up into the low to mid-90s this weekend. So we will not see the record heat, which he says is 105 degrees or above, but we will be nearly 10 degrees above average.

Fire officials say the likelihood of a fire like this happening in a vehicle and sustaining a fire is probably very small as many factors must be in place. However, an easy solution to avoid fire risk is instead of leaving your bottled water baking in the car for hours, take it with you. Or even consider using reusable water bottles.