FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Despite the high temperatures there is a lot of buzz about the arrival of the Halloween season. Many people love to decorate their houses, plan costume parties, and enjoy traditions of watching certain scary movies.

One of the masters of horror that has given us the chills for decades is the author Stephen King. The pages of his books have been a source of inspiration for a variety of films and television series to this day, like his highest-grossing adaptation, “The Green Mile”. So the question becomes what are some of King’s favorite film adaptations around the U.S.? What’s the favorite film here in California?

While this question may be a great debate conversation with friends and family, there is some data thanks to USDish that paints us a clearer picture of what King films people are talking about.

The overall most searched films sitting at one and two are “It” and “It: Chapter 2” for a combined 20 states. Everyone loves clowns right? Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise the Clown is probably the cause of a lot of people’s coulrophobia. A mantel that was taken over by Bill Skarsgård in the remakes. Now there is a rumor of a third film with an undetermined release date.

The California favorite and third on the search list according to the study is the 1990s classic psychological thriller “Misery”. After a serious car crash novelist Paul Sheldon, played by Cann, is rescued by a former nurse, Annie Wikes, played by Bates. She claimed to be his biggest fan and brings him to her remote cabin to recover, unfortunately, her obsession with his books takes a dark and twisted turn. “Misery” won Bates the academy award for best actress in 1991.

To my surprise, only Colorado had my favorite King classic adaptation as number one, “The Shining”.