FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Bullard High School is set to become a smartphone-free learning environment starting on Wednesday, November 9, according to the school’s website.

According to the school’s policy, students will keep their phones in pouches during the school day. Smartwatches will also have to be placed in a pouch. Any student who doesn’t own a smartphone must have a signed letter on file stating that a smartphone will not be brought to school.

Students will be able to access their phones after their last class has ended. They must be in possession of their pouch at all times during the school day, even if they don’t bring their phones to school. Unlocking/locking stations will be strategically located around campus and in every office. If a pouch is lost or damaged, students will be charged a $20 replacement fee.

There are exceptions to the use of smartphones and those include:

  • In case of emergency, or response to a perceived danger.
  • With permission from a teacher or administrator.
  • When it is deemed necessary by a physician or surgeon that the use of a smartphone is necessary for the health or well-being of the student.
  • When the possession or use of a smartphone is required in a student’s individualized education program.
  • When a student is on an athletic team that is leaving for a game.
  • Seniors with an off-campus lunch pass can have their phones unlocked as they exit the gate.

Students who defy the school policy will receive an online referral and have their smartphones confiscated by the Alpha VP for the rest of the day. Those who violate the policy multiple times are subject to having their parents have to pick up their smartphones. Students may be assigned additional consequences.

For frequently asked questions about the cell phone policy refer to their policy on their website.