FRESNO, (KSEE/KGPE) – The mix of art and fashion is shining light on some cultural issues on display at the Fresno Art Museum.

The main attraction into this autumn is “A Queen Within Adorned Archetypes.” This exhibition is taking the Fresno Art Museum where it never has gone before.

“A Queen Within”… is a fashion exhibition that examines the symbols of womanhood and challenges notions of beauty.

Throughout the museum, you will see headpieces, gowns, shoes, and jewelry from designers and artists from around the world. “It is our very first fashion exhibition and we did transform this gallery space. When people walk in here, they are used to traditional white gallery walls. Maybe a pop of color here and there,” said Sarah Vargas, Curator at the Fresno Art Museum.

While the exhibition is eye-catching it is meant to open your mind to a critical reevaluation of women’s roles in culture, business, and society.

“It sort of encompasses all these different things through the lens of archetypes that have been used throughout history to describe women,” said Vargas.

In the museum’s lobby, you will find a masterpiece created by Kim Abeles. The artist worked with 800 women who were victims of domestic abuse on a project that connects a series of pearls with a beautiful ribbon.

“She had them put in this pearl their feelings about being abused, being protected now, their hopes for the future or perhaps prayers,” said Michele Ellis Pracy, Executive Director and Chief Curator at Fresno Art Museum.

At the end of the lobby, you will see a wall of plates that bring awareness to air pollution. Abeles created stencils of world leaders and placed them outside her Los Angeles studio to collect smog.

The variations of shades on each plate determine how much that leader acted on fighting air pollution. On display through next summer are illustrations from “Art of the Word: Light for All” for students to learn about a young immigrant’s experience.

Shining the light on our children’s future is important to the Fresno Art Museum.

“They have their own gallery, and it is hung a little bit lower than we would for grown-ups. And it is used as a think tank for the children,” said Ellis Pracy.

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