If you’re entertaining during the holidays, having a stocked bar can be the key to a stress-free gathering. We’ve rounded us our favorite products to spruce up the home bar setup.


Drinkmate is an at-home carbonation machine that lets you add a little fizz to any drink not just water.

The fizz infuser provides a two-stage pressure release control that safely and easily allows you to carbonate virtually any drink.

Draft Top

Let your beer breathe and experience the full aroma of your drink — right out of the can

The lift creates an incredibly smooth rim so you can add ice, and garnishes, or create cocktails!

Liquor Whaaat

Price: $17.69 per box

Bringing sophistication (and plenty of adult jokes) to candy, Liquor Whaaat?! are makers of mouth-watering sweet treats like you’ve never seen before. While the kiddos dig into their stocking for chocolate kisses and small toys, mom and dad can finally have their own version to get into the holiday spirit. The flagship creation launching from the brand is their Cream-Filled Beavers.


100% woman- and sober-owned, Jøyus doesn’t have that overly sweet, or grape juice taste like other non-alcoholic wines.