If you’re all about the madness, here are some ways to up your March Madness game-watching experience.

Well Told

Cheer on your favorite college team while sipping a cold one from Well Told’s college town glassware!
Each pint glass is printed with your favorite college–not with the school logo or mascot, but with an intricate map of the college town itself.

WarPig BBQ

When veteran Dennis Butterworth set out to compete in a bbq competition just for fun, little did he know it would eventually lead to a brand that offers premium products with a touch of goodwill?
Meet war-pig bbq.
Their bbq sauces will leave you feeling good all-around.
A portion of proceeds from their bbq sauces and rubs are donated to veterans organizations.


Wearable napkins offer benefits that traditional clothes-protecting products never have.
More dignified than a bib, more effective than a typical napkin, Neatsheets come with two easy-to-use, peel-and-stick adhesive tabs making them a much better solution to cloth bibs, clothing protectors and napkins.
The front absorbs spills while the back repels liquids, providing protection for clothes and easy clean-up.

SeaBear Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is an easy appetizer that everyone will love.
Seabear has three delicious flavors that come in an easy-to-open BPA-free vacuum-sealed pouch (a process Seabear created!).
Choose from waterbrook winemaker’s smoked salmon, traditional smoked salmon or beer garden smoked salmon.
Every catch is responsibly sourced in the pacific northwest.
So you feel good choosing their healthy and high-quality options that are mouthwatering and nutritious.

Old Trapper

These tasty beef sticks come in original, teriyaki, and jalapeno flavors and contain only 150 calories and 9 grams of protein.
The perfect combination of the delicious flavor of old trapper’s smoked beef and spices for a distinct savory flavor.