On this Taco Tuesday, we’re dipping into your newest ‘craveable’ obsession… Sam’s Famous Salsa!

This salsa is a true authentic Hispanic salsa with a modern twist. Sam’s famous salsa delivers mouth-smacking flavors via fresh produce and a state-of-the-art cold pasteurization process called h-p-p which allows for a natural, 4-month shelf life.

Other salsas on the market are mostly heat pasteurized and cooked at 145 degrees. This causes the product to lose its fresh taste and then the need for shelf-life extenders, flavorings or fillers. Not Sam’s!

There is no vinegar, xantham gum, or stabilizers added and the low sodium content is beneficial to all. non-GMO and gluten-free certified, sam’s famous salsa is natural, hearty, crisp, and downright addictive.