So many people who had braces when they were younger notice a shift in their smile as they get older, especially if they stopped wearing their retainers.   

If you lost your retainer and are noticing your straight teeth shift the retainer club can help preserve your pearly whites just the way they are.   

For $299 a year anyone can join the Retainer Club at Fast Dental.   

Dr. Thomas Wieg and his staff use the latest technology to digitally scan their patient’s teeth and then use 3D printing to print retainers either for day time or night time wear.   

If one gets lost, the dog gets to it, or you throw it away, the annual price of the Retainer Club gets members two retainers a year, ensuring straight teeth and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.   

The Retainer Club is at Fast Dental’s Fresno and Friant location, at 8380 N Fresno St, Fresno, CA 93729. Visit or call  (559) 433-6730 to make an appointment and join the club.