Back in the 1800s, The Coarse-Gold Gulch was a hotbed of gold miners looking to stike it rich.

Today, the throngs of miners might be gone but the treasure-hunting impulse is still being nurtured at the Historic Coarsegold Village.  

The Coarsegold Historic Village is the first stop on the Fossils to Falls Road Trip brought to you by Visit Yosemite Madera County. So, while you’re there you can pick up Ricky the Racoon trading card to enter the Yosemite Adventure Contest.

There are eight trading cards on the Fossils to Falls Road Trip. Each card features a different Yosemite Welcoming Committee character. You only need to collect two to enter to win the Yosemite Adventure Contest. Collect all eight and get more entries.

The grand prize is a two-night stay in South Yosemite, gift cards, dining experiences, and your choice of a Yosemite family adventure package. Visit to learn more.