Whether your college kids are headed off across the country or down the street, start the year off right with a little college care package.

One college staple is ramen! But what about a healthier option than the traditional Maruchan?! Introducing Chef Woo Ramen, the first plant-based instant ramen, made in the U.S. with 20 grams of protein and inspired by Asian traditions. The yummy organic alternative to the staple in Eastern cultures arrives to tantalize our palettes and give our diets a better, more convenient way to satisfy those ramen cravings. All without any added MSG.

Take your laptop wherever you go in The Tiniest Tiger’s adorable tote! Some designs are subtle and some are whimsical but all are created with feline finesse. The Tiniest Tiger creates for you, for your cat and for your habitat! And because they love all cats big and small, they even support global big cat conservation projects.

Sammy Gorin is a female-owned and operated business that creates vibrant paintings, illustrated prints, and handcrafted stationery for the pop culture connoisseur! From Stranger Things and Euphoria birthday cards to satire stickers for women’s rights, this beautiful artwork is the perfect way to send some cheer.

Encourage your college student to go easy on the caffeine with Steep Echo.

Steep Echo is different from any tea you’ve most likely experienced. Their line is made with olive tea leaves, leaving you with unique flavors that encourage you to drink up and come back for more. The compound Oleuropein makes this type of tea richer in nutrients, powerful antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties than green or black tea. It naturally boosts your immunity with every sip.

Tea time has gotten a makeover. Check out the caffeine-free collection plus the recipes below to detox, boost immunity, and relax. It’s a ritual you’ll enjoy daily.

Recently is a mobile-to-magazine app that publishes a personal photo magazine, straight from an iPhone. Great for the Instagram-obsessed and busy students. Recently is a true time-saver!

Staring at $12.99/month, it is the only app that automates the arduous task of organizing & laying out photos on a phone, Recently preselects the best photos from a camera roll and has hundreds of quick-pick features to help make collectible photo magazines ten times faster than any other app.