Whether it’s your colleague, spouse, boss… really anyone over 21, wine is always a great option.

In Good Taste

Whether you’re having trouble finding the best wine to serve or want to give your guests a variety, get In Good Taste for Thanksgiving dinner! In Good Taste offers an innovative experience that delivers 8 chic mini bottles of wine directly to your door so you can try out different types and find what you like. In Good Taste also offers complimentary virtual tasting sessions – a great way to connect with loved ones far away!

San Antonio Wines

The Robili Family, the family behind the wine empire from San Antonio Winery, likes to control every part of the wine-making process. From seed to bottle, they oversee every step, so each glass of wine from their labels is exactly how they intended.

San Antonio Winery has an extensive line of wines for every palate.

Wine Expert Audrey Lewis, from San Antonio Winery, joins the show with some great wines to gift this season.


For a very California wine, try Coquelicot.

Coquelicot has its own vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley and the wines are featured at The Elderberry House inside the Château Du Sureau up in Oakhurst.

Their wines are delicious and great for gifting.