Chardonnay often gets a bad wrap. People call it the wine of the suburbs or they jump on the ABC trend – Anything But Chardonnay, but winemaker, expert, and writer Lori Budd introduced us to some incredible Chardonnays.

Budd taught us if you try one chardonnay and you don’t like it, there is very likely another chardonnay you will like.

Although, Chardonnay still reigns supreme among women and moms, but for expecting mothers we’re celebrating with Badass Mom Wine.

Badass Mom Wine is the go-to zero-alcohol wine brand offering everyone from pregnant moms to breastfeeding mothers a sparkling, guilt-free glass of rosé for a reasonable price. Born out of her own pregnancy cravings for a glass of rosé, Angelica Mendoza began her quest to create a completely non-alcoholic wine that had bold flavors and tasted like the real thing while still being safe for pregnant mothers to drink!

Now if you’re the kind of wino that likes their chardonnay from a bag, never feel embarrassed about serving it again with the Little Nook from Wine Nook.

The Little Nook is the perfect way to serve bagged wine. Simply fill the bag with your favorite boxed wine, sangria, cold brew, lemonade and more for a chic look that pairs with any decor