Despite 5 June homicides, violent crime continues to decline in Fresno, police say

FRESNO, California - Violent crime continues to decline in the city of Fresno. Police Chief Jerry Dyer attributes that drop in shootings and murders to good police work.

Police said there are fewer shootings and fewer homicides today, compared to this time last year. But, that doesn't mean crime is eradicated all together in the city. On Wednesday morning, there was a gang-related double-shooting at Samson and MLK. Investigators said three people were injured.

But, despite this alleged gang-affiliated violence, Dyer contends crime in the city is down.

"These year-to-date numbers are absolutely incredible. Last year at this time, we had 287 shootings in our city. This year we have 207 shootings, that's 28-percent reduction in overall shootings that occurred," Dyer said.

There were five homicides that occurred in the last month, but Dyer said he month before then, there were no homicides in the city at all. There have been 20 homicides this year, compared to 38 this time last year.

Dyer said, "18 fewer families had to bury a loved one in our city this year, as compared to last year at this time."

The chief gave an insight as to what is driving the low crime numbers.

"The real secret to reducing violent crime is identifying crime trends quickly, identifying who's responsible for those trends, especially shootings, targeting the right individuals and removing them as quickly as we can," ended Dyer.

Dyer said 85 percent of the shootings in the last month involve gangs.

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