On The Map: Woodsville

On The Map: Originals

In the interest of keeping these stories PG rated, some of the details are left out of how this place came to be on the map.

This is the story about a cabin and the man who built it.

The man’s name is John Wood and he moved to the Central Valley in 1850 with about 20 other people. They were just trying to make a life for themselves in the Central Valley and they did that.

They started by building that initial cabin.

Right about the time that they finished, some local Indians came up and gave them an ultimatum: “you have 10 days to leave or die.”

At first, the settlers didn’t take them seriously.

But eventually they started to pack their things and leave.

Unfortunately, they were already too late.

The Indians attacked the settlers as they were leaving this area.

Most of Wood’s group were killed.

Two men escaped by jumping into the Kaweah River. That’s that behind me.

Only John Wood himself made it back to the cabin.

And it was a well fortified cabin. There were a lot of rifles available inside.

And he was able to hold his own against what is described as 1,000 Indians for about 3 hours.

Eventually, the cabin was completely overrun.

The story of what happened to John Wood after that is one of the more horrific in Central Valley history and I will not repeat it here.

Suffice it to say, that when Tulare County was formed in 1852, the county seat was placed here in memory of John Wood and those original settlers.

Some called it Wood’s Cabin, but its name is officially Woodsville, on the map of Tulare County.

With Joe Maydon behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.

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