During the height of the gold rush it was common practice to find yourself a nice spot along the river to do a little prospecting.

This is the Kaweah River.

Unfortunately the Kaweah River never really had any gold.

However, in the nearby Mineral King Valley, silver was found and mined for quite some time.

Well, the Kaweah River itself has headwaters about 12 thousand feet in elevation in the Sierra Nevada, that’s 2 and quarter miles, and a little bit more.

The whole length of the river runs about 30 miles down to the Valley floor below.

This river, like a lot of rivers, has tributaries.

These are smaller streams that flow into larger rivers.

And we’re very near a spot where three tributaries flow into the Kaweah River.

They’re called the “North Fork”, the “South Fork”, and the “Middle Fork”.

And Mrs. Louisa Rockwell is credited for naming the nearby town after this triple fork in the Kaweah River.

And that is how Three Rivers came to be on the map of Tulare County.

With Josh Dean behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.