Today we have the story of Royal Putnam.

He moved to this area in the 1850s, but his family line goes all the way back to 12th century England.

Simon De Puttenham, that’s Sir Simon De Puttenham if you please.

He was knighted in the 12th century, believe it or not, by King Richard, the Lionhearted himself.

Well, back to Royal Putnam, our focus is about his movement into the Central Valley.

He had a store and he owned the train depot.

He named them after himself as people do, but he didn’t use his first name. He wasn’t particularly fond of it.

So he used his middle name. His middle name is Porter.

So Porter’s Station and Porter’s Trading Post.

He was instrumental in laying out the city that we’re shooting in today.

And they called it “Portersville”.

I’m not sure why the “S” got dropped, but all the maps from 1900 on simply say, Porterville, on the map of Tulare County.

Oh, by the way, we’re shooting today in Centennial Park.

That’s where they have a large mural depicting several band directors over the years.

They sure are proud of their marching bands in Porterville.

The clock is also part of Centennial Park, the central theme being: Time Marches On.

With Nikki Purewal behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.