In 1855 Mariposa County was divided to create Merced County.

At that time it seemed like nothing but grass would grow out here and it was assumed that only grass could grow in this area.

That was a poor assumption.

Once word got out that anything could grow in this area, towns started popping up all over the place, including this one which was originally called “Welches Store on Mariposa Creek”.

This street behind me was lined with saloons originally.

But a hotel called “Farley’s hotel”  and this school was established in the late 1800s and it’s still here today.

In 1869, they finally got their own post office.

And they changed the name from “Welches Store on Mariposa Creek” to naming it after that burg on the plain, or Plainsburg on the map of Merced County.

With Emily Lucas behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.