Edgar B. Landon moved to this area from Michigan in 1908 and he is credited with bringing the name of this area with him.

There was a post office that was established in 1912.

Unfortunately, it burned to the ground.

Here’s how Bob Long himself tells the story.

“And then in ’61… 1961, the disastrous Harlow Fire.

It touched Coarsegold and Oakhurst. It burned a part of Ahwahnee, killed two people, and it virtually wiped out Ed Landon’s Saloon, the post office, the store, all destroyed… nothing left.

But as we said, these were hard working people, mountain people, and they have a way of surviving.

Just in the last few years we’ve noticed a brand new set of old buildings being put up to replaced those that had burned.”

That film was shot by Earl Bradley, Bob Long’s long time partner in the 1980s when this building was new.

It was a saloon.

Well now, it’s a private residence.

The town that name was taken from an Algonquin language that means “plenty of deer”.

That word is Nipinnawasee, on the map of Madera County.

“With Earl Bradley behind the camera, I’m Bob Long.”

With Josh Dean behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.