Today, I know it’s noisy, but I’m standing at an intersect that’s not unlike thousands of intersections in Fresno county.

Let me give you your bearings.

That way is north, that’ll take you to Madera eventually.

That way goes west, that’ll take you to I-5.

To the south you’ll find Huron and Avenal.

And finally that direction is east, it’ll take you back to the city of Fresno.

Well if that’s all I had to tell you, I wouldn’t have much of a story.

Back in the 1920s a fifth direction was added to the intersection of Mt. Whitney and Lassen.

That new road goes to the southwest and will take you to Coalinga.

Miss Alberta Hamilton is actually credited with naming this spot after those five directions and it’s said she even christened it with an orange soda bottle.

What’s the name Alberta Hamilton gave this intersection?

Five Points… on the map of Fresno County.

With Joe Whittington behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox

(car revving engine)