The San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railroad was completed around the turn of the century.

That’s the 20th century.

And it was called “the people’s railroad” because they had a lot of individual investors.

Investors who were intent on breaking the monopoly of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

When they completed the first line from Stockton to Fresno, the first train arrived in 1896.

And then they completed all the way down to Bakersfield in 1898.

One of the stops was right here.

Well eventually, “the people’s railroad” sold out to the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, otherwise known as Santa Fe for short.

Some folks were disappointed.

It seemed like they were just trading one big monolithic company for another.

But folks got over it.

Well as technologies changed, and trains could go farther without stopping, this town started to fade away.

There’s still a street that shares the same name.

The town itself was named for the tiny creatures that seemed to be running around in abundance.

They were rabbits.

Or in Spanish, Conejo on the map of Fresno County.

Oh by the way, this building is the only building that remains from the original town of Conejo.

It was a general store.

Now it’s a private residence.

With Josh Dean behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.