This stream that I’m standing in today, although it’s dry right now, during the time of the gold rush, it was very attractive to those who were hoping to strike it rich.

What was unique about this particular stream was that the little nuggets of gold that you find just laying along the side of the river were just that. They were little nuggets. And they weren’t very smooth. They were kind of rough around the edges.

There were a couple of communities that came to this area, one was from Mexico. And the camp that they formed they called it “Oro Groso”. That means “thick gold”.

Another group came from Texas and they named their camp “Texas Flat”.

In 1878, when they finally established a post office, they named it for that rough-textured gold and they called it “Coarsegold Gulch”.

Well, in 1895, they re-named the area “Gold Gulch”. And in 1899, they changed the name again and finally settled on Coarsegold… on the map of Madera County.

With Emily Lucas behind the camera, I’m A.J. Fox.