FRESNO, California (KGPE) – The Boys and Girls Club of America is celebrating an impressive milestone this year, and there are two women who are making sure our local Fresno County chapter continues to thrive.

We take a look at the steps they’re taking to make a difference in the lives of our local children.

The chapter is celebrating 70 years of serving Fresno County. They’ve been enriching the lives of youngsters for generations and two very special ladies in our community want to make sure that continues for generations to come.

“These kids are receiving positive tools, these kids are receiving healthy choices and positive impacts on their lives so that they’ll know they have choices and we are hoping we are a part of that positive choice they make,” says Sandra Dee Chaney, director of community relations.

Anna Smith, program director, says, “The boys and girls club is a positive place for the kids and with boys and girls club, it takes them off the street life and be a positive influence for their family and friends and other people they are around.”

Many years ago, Fresno also had a very important role in changing the name of the club to include girls.

Our president emeritus, Kenneth Quinsor, who has been with us for over 50 years and we are just honored that he’s still around. His wife Mrs. Mirio Quinsor, she was a volunteer when it was just the boys club and one of the things she mentioned that if you don’t allow little girls to come inside the boys and girls club, I am not coming back. So now we are the Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County, and I like that,” Smith explained.

Sandra grew up with nine sisters and two brothers and knew the importance of having a safe place to go, to learn and to grow.

She says, “When I look around at these kids, I see me, I see my sisters, I see my brothers I see my peers…”

“I love working with youth, its always been my passion to give back to my community as well as serve kids that grow up like me or maybe not have know much about what organizations had done like Boys and Girls Club being one of these organizations,” she added.

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