FRESNO, California. (KGPE) – The coronavirus pandemic forced a change in the way students attended school over the past year.

One of the people responsible for figuring out how to connect kids and their teachers is Fresno Unified’s Chief Technology Officer, Tami Lundberg.

She is a minority in the male dominated field of technology.

“There were long hours for everyone, across the district, and across many districts in the country as we tried to figure out how to address the pandemic,” explained Lundberg.

It was a monumental task for Lundeberg to figure out how to get the tools for distance learning to students and staff in Fresno Unified while schools were shut down.

“We’ve equipped close to seventy thousand students and close to ten thousand staff with technology,” said Lundberg.

It started last April, shortly after the shutdown.

Tens of thousands of laptops, tablets, and hotspots were handed out to students from pre-school to high school.

Lundberg was already working on a program to give a laptop or tablet to each student in the district.

“So one of the silver linings that came out of the pandemic was the ability for our students to have everything they need to be able to learn regardless of where they are,” Lundberg said.

As the chief technology officer in one of the state’s largest school districts, Tami is unique.

“Right now about 25% of the jobs of the jobs in the united states the technology jobs are held by women so it’s under-represented if you look at it from a female standpoint,” Lundberg explained.

How did she get here? Her interest growing up was math and science and she turned it into a career.

“If everybody follows what they love to do, it ends up making a great and enriched career for them, said Lundberg.

Her advice for girls who are interested in technology?

“Just dive in look for the different clubs and activities that are available on your campuses. If you’re interested in science and math follow that dream stick with it,” said Lundberg.

Lundberg says Fresno Unified has a coding club for girls, robotics clubs, and e-sports teams from elementary school to high school.

What does girl power mean to her?

“Girl power means to me follow your heart follow your dreams. I think it’s great that now girls and women are in a position where they can see people that look like them in the types of jobs and roles that they might be interested in,” Lundberg said.

In technology, the next big idea could come from a girl.

Tami says that thanks to technology, the district was able to hold their technology, robotics, and e-sports competitions through digital platforms when some of the traditional on the field or on the court sports were not available.