FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The sound of cheers and applauses could be heard at Reagan Elementary School. Staff, students, and parents all gathered for a surprise pep rally for 2nd-grade teacher Ms. Sanchez.  

After five years of educating our local youth, she was ecstatic to witness her community say thank you.  

“It’s hard to put it into words it’s so nice to feel so supported and loved,” Ms. Sanchez expressed.

For this Sanger native, becoming a teacher was always the goal. She takes the time every class period to go the extra mile to make sure her students are equipped for the next school year.  

“My goal is always teach them lessons to them that I say that they’re gonna take home to the dinner table,” Ms. Sanchez explained.

Second grader Maddox Ward really enjoys her class. He thanks his wonderful teacher for helping him improve his grammar and teaching him multiplication.

“My favorite part is that she’s really nice and she helps others and that’s what I like about her,” said Ward.

Ms. Sanchez has made her classroom a safe space. Crafting handmade décor and formulating unique lessons to keep her kids’ imaginations running wild.

“Learning is and can be fun and that they always have a safe space with me they should feel comfortable with themselves and accepted you know just to be who they are,” Ms. Sanchez said.

So, a big congratulations to Ms. Sanchez at Reagan Elementary School. Ms. Sanchez’s hard work has made her the KSEE24 educator of the week.