CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE) – Students at Buchanan High School in Clovis are getting hands-on videography experience thanks to a teacher who has brought real experience to the classroom.

Mr. Dan Pearce found himself on the other side of the camera as he learned he’s been nominated as KSEE24’s Educator of the Week.

“This was a complete surprise. I had no idea this was happening,” said Mr. Pearce.

The Buchanan High School videography teacher has led his classes to earn multiple student Emmy awards and other honors.  But he says this one stands out.

“This is a big honor for me because that is the reason I am here is for my students. I am trying to make them the best little videographers I can,” explained Mr. Pearce.

His students speak highly of their teacher as they learn how to shoot video on high-tech cameras and edit projects on the software.

“I am so happy for Mr. Pearce because I love Mr. Pearce, we all love Mr. Pearce. Everyone sees Mr. Pearce as one of the best teachers, one of the most approachable teachers. He is the teacher you just want to spend all of your time with and take all of their classes. And just enjoy their classes as much as possible,” said Gabe Munro, a senior in one of Mr. Pearce’s classes.

The script hasn’t been easy to write over the past year, as the pandemic made this hands-on class a challenge.

“The last couple of years have been really tough with covid and everything, especially for a videographer teacher when you don’t have full access to students and you are doing things remotely. And then you do get to come back and students are coming in and out with covid symptoms. It’s just been a difficult couple years,” Mr. Pearce said.

Mr. Pearce always remained positive.  His colleagues say he’s very humble and always a joy to work with.

“Whenever we present an award to him he is always very quick to turn it over to the kids and say this recognition is because his kids did this and his kids make him look good, the school made him look good,” said learning director, Amanda Torres. “Dan never recognizes himself for the things that he does so that is probably one of the reasons we like to celebrate him so much is because he never celebrates himself and he is the epitome of an educator who deserves that recognition.”