FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A special education and history teacher at McLane High School has been named KSEE24’s Educator of the Week.

Mr. Joshua Busch was surprised as he presented with a $124 check to G.W. School Supply and learned he was nominated as Educator of the Week.

“Wow, I was very, very surprised. Very honored,” said Mr. Busch.

Mr. Busch teaches Special Education and history at McLane High School. His other title of ‘coach’ comes from leading the girl’s softball team.

“He always tells us we are students before athletes. So he always makes us come here in the morning and makes sure our grades are right and if we don’t have good grades, we can’t play in the game. He pushes us to do better in school and stuff like that,” explained 10th-grade softball player, Esmeralda Zuniga.

Brian Wulf, the principal at McLane, describes Mr. Busch as a dedicated coach and teacher who puts the students first.

“Josh’s day starts early in a zero period study hall. He’s got a softball team here working out. He is constantly with the kids supporting them. His softball team has the highest GPA in the school,” said Principal Wulf.

“His students on his caseload in special education are thriving. We are excited to see josh recognized he represents mclane and the values of the community and the school well. And we are all excited for josh.”

Coach Busch says his favorite part about being a teacher and a coach is getting to know his students.

“Just you know working with the students and impacting their lives in any way I can building connections with them. You know just the relationships that I build with these students in the classroom and out of the classroom,” said Busch.

His advice to other educators?

“Get to know your students and you know, building those relationships will help you get through the tough days.”