Your Character Matters: Crescent Valley’s Angel Trujillo

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Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with awesome character.

At Crescent Valley Public Charter School II in Visalia, there is a 12th grade student who is soft spoken but is a diligent worker. His name is Angel Trujillo.

“Angel acts like an angel. He is true to his name,” said Angel’s Literacy Teacher, Dr. Christine G. Anderson. “He is very dedicated. He takes responsibility for his learning. I have never heard him complain.”

Not only does he never complain, but this Senior appreciates life — after almost losing his life when he was young.

“I had to do surgery on my stomach and that surgery didn’t end up doing good,” said Angel Trujillo, a 12th grade student at Crescent Valley Public Charter School II. “I had a whole bunch of infections and it wasn’t good for my body and the Doctor told my family that I almost died — but I’m here now. “

Here and grateful for every opportunity. Staff and Teachers say Angel comes to school ready to learn each and every day.

“He is very independent and he is focused on his goals so when he is here he is just working away quietly,” Dr. Anderson said.

Angel is respectful to his teachers and fellow students and hopes to inspire others to stay the course.

“Most kids don’t want to try and they fail and once they fail they want to give up,” Angel adds. “I don’t like to give up.”

Angel Trujillo of Crescent Valley Public Charter School II shows us why Your Character Matters.

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Stefanie Bainum