FRESNO COUNTY Calif. (KGPE) – There are still months left of the rainy season – but so far experts with the National Weather Service and the Fresno County Farm Bureau say we are in a better spot now than we were in this time last year.

As another storm forms, National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Dudley says the amount of rain Fresno has seen is already ahead of what was recorded at this time last year.

“We’ve had over three times as much rainfall through December 15th as we did last year,” Dudley said.

According to Dudley, since Oct. 1st when the water year started, Fresno has gotten 3.27 inches of rain. At this point in 2020, we had only seen 1.07 inches, well below the average of around 2 inches.

The CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau Ryan Jacobsen says he’s cautiously optimistic heading into the rest of the season, especially after seeing this storm’s snowfall.

“That snowpack is what feeds us through the course of the spring and summer months, and the fact that we are building a fairly good one at this point of the season is good news,” Jacobsen said.

However, Jacobsen believes to make up for last year’s drought much more rain is needed. He would like to see at least five to seven more storms before the season ends.

“We’ve dug ourselves into such a deficit with our reservoir levels and just our overall state of drought here in the State of California, is that we need to have a very exceptional year just to get back to average. We’re looking at to get back to average a 140% water year,” Jacobsen said.

The National Weather Service says while these past few storms are not enough to get us out of the drought on their own but there is still time to make an impact.

“You can have a great start and then it can dry out for the rest of the year, we’ve seen that happen,” Dudley said. “We’ve also seen it start out really really dry, and then have a great…like they like to call it around here, a miracle March.”