FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE) – A Tollhouse man is facing life in prison after pleading guilty to shooting a Fresno County Deputy in 2019.

On Monday, the District Attorney’s Office announced 60-year-old Michael Congdon admitted to opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle on Deputy John Erickson, hitting him in the back and both legs.

“I get a lot of satisfaction that he had to admit to what he was trying to do that day, and what he was trying to do was kill a Fresno County Deputy Sheriff,” Sheriff Margaret Mims said.

The chaotic scene happened on July 2, 2019.

Erickson was with a civilian ride-along when he was called to a property dispute in Tollhouse.

Congdon has now admitted to firing on them, leading to a manhunt.

Erickson was in the hospital for nine days and found encouragement from the community while on the long road to recovery.

He expressed gratitude for the support, and sadness he was now sidelined.

“For me, the tough part is leaving the job that I love,” he said while receiving a Purple Heart about seven months after the incident.

Mims said Erickson was a great deputy, but Congdon’s actions changed everything.

“What that man took away from him that day was his career. He cannot come back to work as a result of his injuries so for that, that’s something that could never be replaced,” she said.

Congdon also waived his right to appeal. He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 5.