FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE) – The clean-up continues after a powerful storm dumped rain across Fresno County on Monday.

From power outages to downed trees and car accidents, the region saw it during Monday’s storm. Some roads were underwater, others had toppled trees.

It will likely take the rest of the week before everything is cleaned up.

“It was just a huge storm, big surprise. We knew it was going to rain, we didn’t expect the wind to come with it,” said Fresno resident Rosamond Herling.

The storm woke Herling up in the middle of the night. Come morning, her street was underwater, and she knew she’d be working from home

“Sometimes the water comes up and it did this time, come up to the sidewalk so it was very difficult to get out into the street,” Herling said.

She’s lived on Crystal Avenue in northwest Fresno for 15 years. It’s not the first time she says her street flooded.

“This was worst this time because it was neighborhood cleanup on Friday and the guys didn’t come by, so our streets were already blocked with all the debris,” Herling explained.

By evening, the water receded, revealing the piles of debris.

“Our tree crews started responding around 2 in the morning, many thanks to those hard-working crew members, we had over 50 tree calls, so that was higher than the number of flooding calls,” said Scott Mozier, public works director for the City of Fresno.

Mozier says while the wind was an issue, overall, the city’s pump system handled the rain well.

On county roads, the water caused issues and accidents

“Speed is the number one factor causing all our problems out here, the faster you go the harder it is to stop,” said CHP spokesman Mike Salas.

For Herling and her neighbors, the massive soaker was also a massive mess.

“We needed the rain but I wish it came a little slower and a little more spread out,” Herling said.

If you are seeing a storm-related issue in your neighborhood, you can report it by calling 3-1-1 or by using the Fres-Go app.