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Phoenix Rising Publishers present: A New Star Has Risen In The Book Sky

Magical words that invites a soul link.

The book triggers a higher awareness.

A thrilling new way of matching spirituality and fantasy. Magical words touch the soul and activate memories of higher realms.

FORLI-CESENA, ITALY, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Fantasy stories abound, but few authors match them with language that not only touches deep inside, but also resonates with something powerful in the soul. This tale plays poetically and profoundly with words. They are consciously and carefully chosen to awaken memories of the true being.
Light-footedly, the book takes on a journey into inner worlds, unexpectedly opening gates to long forgotten or unconscious aspects of the Self.
North - A Shamanic Journey is an exceptional reading pleasure that honors the reality of the soul and unconditional love. The story is a door opener into other dimensions waiting to be discovered by the open-minded seeker.

A shaman who must cross traditional boundaries to find his fulfilment. A seeress who follows the call of the Unknown. Worlds apart, they nevertheless find each other.
Before the New can be born, life demands great trials from them. Only the selfless and devoted sacrifice of the lovers will bring salvation....

About the author:
Yve is a traveller between the worlds and fell in love with planet Earth eons ago.
Even as a child highly empathic and gifted with psychic abilities, she decided early to use her talents professionally. She was trained in depth psychology and spiritual healing.
In her books, Yve writes from the soul for the soul. The way she consciously uses language and words triggers readers to remember - their spiritual roots, past, future and WHO they TRULY ARE.
Yve has been working for more than 20 years as an Awareness Coach & Spirit Healer. She walks humans home to their true Selves and helps them to reconnect with their souls.

Book information:
North - A Shamanic Journey
ISBN: 979-8849714073
Price: US$ 8.99

V. Yve P. Roman
Phoenix Rising Publishers
+49 170 9320722
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