FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – On October 9th, 1926, “Fresno State College Stadium” was dedicated. The Bulldogs had a game against Nevada that day, but before the game a crowd of 3,500 people watched C.L. McLane be presented with a golden key.

Charles L. McLane was the first president of Fresno State, from 1911-1927.

“…the recent campaign for funds for this stadium did wonders in respect to awakening Fresno to the fact that it is now a real college town,” he said on the day of the stadium dedication.

Fresno State College Stadium cost $50,000. ($50,000 in 1926 is roughly $800,000 today!) In 1941, “Fresno State College Stadium” was renamed “Ratcliffe Stadium,” in honor of Emory Ratcliffe, Fresno State’s first football coach.

The Bulldogs played at Ratcliffe Stadium until November of 1980, when they moved into Bulldog Stadium for the last game of that year’s regular season.