FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – In 1989, the Fresno State baseball team won the Big West Conference and finished the season with a record of 44-19. The Bulldogs had three players drafted in the first round that year: Steve Hosey, Eddie Zosky and Tom Goodwin.

Hosey, an outfielder, was drafted with the No. 14 pick by the San Francisco Giants. Zosky, a shortstop, was the No. 19 pick to the Toronto Blue Jays. And Goodwin, an outfielder, was the No. 22 pick to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The amateur draft began in 1965 and that was just the second time that three players from the same school were selected in the first round (Michigan, 1979).

“If you drew a picture of a baseball player, the ideal size, you’d draw Steve (Hosey),” said Fresno State head coach Bob Bennett. “He runs real well and has outstanding power…he just has so much strength that he can outdo the curveball or the off-speed pitch. That’s what pro people are looking for.”

Steve Hosey was an all-American in 1988. Eddie Zosky, meanwhile, was an all-American in 1989 after hitting .370 with 101 hits and 51 RBI. He was considered the best middle infield prospect in the 1989 draft.

“When you see Zosky play, you see tremendous tools,” said Bennett. “He can already make some of the plays that good big league shortstops can make. He can throw from the hole real well. He’s an acrobatic-type guy.”

And then there was Tom Goodwin. He was just fast. He had 61 stolen bases in 1989, leading the nation in that category for the second year in a row. He also hit .369 in 1989 with 109 hits.

“Offensively, the guy that really excites you is Goodwin,” said Bennett. “Sheer speed will excite anybody in pro ball…Tom Goodwin is as fast as any kid I’ve seen on a baseball field.”