CINCINNATI (KSEE) – One year ago, on January 15th, 2022, the Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Las Vegas Raiders in an AFC playoff game on Wild Card Weekend.

That was Derek Carr’s playoff debut in the NFL.

Carr was in his eighth season as the Raiders’ quarterback. The team made the playoffs in his third season, 2016, but he was injured at that time and did not play.

He played in this game.

Derek Carr entered the game after passing for 4,804 yards in the regular season, a career high and a franchise record. In 2021, Derek Carr became just the fourth quarterback in NFL history with 3,000 or more passing yards in each of his first eight seasons in the NFL.

The other three are Peyton Manning, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.

In his first playoff game, Derek Carr passed for 310 yards against the Bengals. He had one touchdown, one interception and one lost fumble in a 26-19 loss.

“Now that we’ve experienced this, you get out there and play and you’re like, ‘oh, my gosh, it’s not different!’ You don’t know until you play it in a playoff gam,” said Carr. “But you get out there and you’re like, ‘oh yeah, we can do this.’ And so you get a taste of it. I don’t know, it did something to my heart, man. I thought I was on fire but it made me even more, just…

“I just can’t not play in the playoffs, you know what I mean?”