FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – There was 1:09 left on Saturday night when Jordan Mims scored for the Fresno State football team. He ran the ball in from three yards out to cut the deficit to 28-23.

“You just gotta have belief, no matter what the score is we can always come back,” said senior wide receiver Zane Pope. “And we did, it felt great.”

Pope caught the two-point conversion to make the game, 28-25.

He also had a touchdown catch earlier, a total of 143 receiving yards and he was about to recover an onside kick.

“We practice it every Friday,” said Pope. “You only get to, probably, run it once a season.”

“Yeah, so when you’re kicking an onside kick, you want to kick the top of the ball,” said kicker Dylan Lynch. “If you kick it at the right spot, it should take two bounces and pop like it did in the game.”

Lynch is the one who kicked it on Saturday night. The ball came off of his left foot.

“Going into that kick I was pretty comfortable,” said the freshman from Bakersfield. “So, I mean, I got out there. Just gotta hit it in the right spot to do the right thing and that’s exactly what happened.”

But Fresno State was still trailing.

Not for long, though, as Jake Haener quickly found Nikko Remigio for a 37-yard touchdown to give Fresno State the lead.

There was still time, though (almost one minute) when Carlton Johnson came up with one more big play for the Bulldogs: an interception that led to the victory formation.

“Dylan (Lynch), (Zane) Pope, and then Jake (Haener) and Nikko (Remigio) won that game right there. All I did was just put a little period on it,” smiled Johnson. “I didn’t really do too much.

Except rehab to get back on the field.

Carlton Johnson hadn’t played all year. Over the summer, he dropped a weight on his foot.

“It was amazing to see the support from the team and the secondary itself, “said the junior defensive back. “The guys around me just helped me, because it was very unexpected for me to play that day.

“And I did get my number called, and for me to even help the team and make a play was just amazing.”