FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – When Red Estes took over as head coach of the Fresno State Track & Field team in the early 1980’s, he had some pretty big shoes to fill; his predecessor was Dutch Warmerdam!

Estes made his own mark on the program, winning ten consecutive conference championships from 1983-1992. He was also successful as the Bulldogs’ cross country coach.

Red Estes retired in 2000, and then he began to weld.

“I think he was always a creative person,” said Tim Padilla, curator of the Downtown Artist Gallery. “You’re never too young to learn something new, and after retirement you gotta keep active and busy.”

For 20 years, Estes stayed busy.

He created pieces that were often referred to as “garden sculptures,” and several of those pieces were on display on Thursday night at the one night “Red Estes ArtHop” in downtown Fresno.

“He always made the work being about interacting with family, with friends,” said Padilla. “Sharing the experiences how you’ve created these things.”

Red Estes passed away in September of last year.