FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – On Thursday night, the 101st season of Bulldog football begins as Fresno State hosts Cal Poly at Valley Children’s Stadium.

It is the first game of the second go-round for head coach Jeff Tedford, and it is also the first game in the last year of eligibility for quarterback Jake Haener.

Tedford and Haener have known each other for a long time, since Haener was about nine years old.

“Been someone that’s always been there for me,” said the senior quarterback. “Having this opportunity to come back and play for him one more year. And just be able to really experience it, take his coaching and criticism and learn from him, is something that I think is really helpful for me.”

Sports Central told the story a couple of years ago about how Jake Haener’s parents met at the stadium. Haener, of course, did not become a Bulldog until 2019 and he had to sit out that year. 2022 will be the first season in which Haener will be on the field with Jeff Tedford as his coach on the sideline.

“To be on the field every single day with him and to see how focused he is, it’s unbelievable,” said Tedford. “The way he prepares and what this means to him, his discipline, his purpose, the whole bit.

“He’s an amazing player.”