Former Fresno State quarterbacks Derek Carr and Jake Haener are now in the same QB room in New Orleans with the Saints. The two former Bulldogs are entering their first seasons in New Orleans, one as a rookie and one as a veteran.

Longtime NFL quarterback Derek Carr guided Jake Haener and helped him on and off the field while Haener was at Fresno State. Now, Carr is taking the rookie under his wing in the same locker room.

Carr shared that he’s given his phone number to every Fresno State quarterback. The Bulldog great shared his number so the QB’s could reach out with any questions at any time. He shared that Jake Haener reached out consistently. Haener would drive down to Bakersfield and work with Carr when he was back in his hometown.

“I would teach him things. Maybe he already knew some stuff and some he didn’t. I’d just talk and let him learn that way” said Carr.

The two former Bulldog quarterbacks guided their teams to Mountain West victories. Both Haener and Carr took home MVP titles from the conference championship game nearly a decade apart.

“He’s a great player and Jake’s gonna be awesome and have a great career. I’m excited because I get to help him. Not only before at Fresno State but I get to help him on my team. It’s fun for me” said Carr.