FRESNO, Calif. – R. Douglas is a business that refers to itself as ‘custom tailoring for the modern man.’

“It’s a little bit more intimidating for some of our clients to actually have that overall idea of having to know what a suit is supposed to look like,” says stylist Jonathan Arevalo. “The most common question, I believe, that we get is ‘why custom?’ l think it’s an idea of the fact that when a gentleman walks out he is going to not only look good but he is going to feel more confident as he walks out. And that’s through a garment.”

R. Douglas has designed garments since 2003.

It began with a traveling tailor in Sacramento, and has since expanded to Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego.

“It’s all made from scratch,” says Arevalo, proudly. “So gentlemen get to choose fabric, buttons, stitching, down to embroidery options as well as being fit to their precise measurements.”

About a year ago, Ken Wittwer went through that whole process. He wanted something ‘Fresno State.’

“I was looking for a tuxedo for (the Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala),” said Wittwer. “I knew I wanted to do something different as opposed to just buy a tux off the rack and so I did a little bit of research and found R. Douglas.

“And I came in and met Jonathan and we kinda connected.”

With the help of Jonathan Arevalo, Ken Wittwer designed and bought two Fresno State garments from R. Douglas: a red sport coat and a navy suit.

They each have a unique lining on the inside.

“I really do show it off,” says Wittwer. “You show people the lining and then a little conversation starts.”

Adds Arevalo, “We do have the fun parts of Fresno State…being here in Fresno, serving the Fresno area and Fresno County, I think this was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase how we can give back. And I think it was a perfect placement for us to really showcase our pride individually.”