FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Steven Comstock does not define himself by the position he plays; he just wants to be on the field.

“I’ve been here for awhile now,” he smiled. “Just enjoying every moment, taking advantage of every opportunity I get.”

When he first arrived at Fresno State, in 2018, Steven Comstock anticipated he would get an opportunity at quarterback. That was the position he played in high school.

“The tradition, you know? Derek Carr, David Carr, it was something,” said Comstock. “I was like, ‘this is a cool spot.’ And Tedford’s history of being a quarterback guy.”

Jeff Tedford was the coach who recruited Steven Comstock, and it is easy to see why. He accounted for nearly 13,000 yards in high school with 151 total touchdowns.

Both of those are school records.

“Coming in as a quarterback was great,” said Comstock. “Having Marcus (McMaryion) there for me, he taught me how to take notes. Jorge (Reyna), super good mentor for me. So just a good group of guys and I got to learn how to be a leader.”

Yet, for two years, he was behind those guys on the depth chart. So Steven Comstock knew he had to make a decision.

“I truly care about the team. People have told me before if I wanted to, I could have transferred and played at a lot of Division I colleges at quarterback,” he said. “But I love the valley, I love the Bulldogs and I love my team. I love these coaches. So, that’s really my goal here as a Bulldog is just wherever I can add value, that’s what I want to do.”

He discovered his value is on defense. So he stayed, and he became a safety.

“I love to be physical. And it was awesome,” smiled Comstock. “I ran down, took on two blocks and made a tackle. And that was everything I dreamed of, everything I wanted. And I think after that, I even felt a switch in my mentality, in everything. I kind of turned into a different person where I just felt like myself. And that’s when we had the conversation, ‘why don’t we think of defense?’ And I loved it. I loved being physical. I could play, I could communicate, I could talk, I’m moving around.”

That conversation that Steven Comstock had with Jeff Tedford? It was not the only conversation the two of them had. In addition to being a football player in high school, Comstock was also a wrestler.

And he made it to state.

“No way, no way. Tedford did not like that idea, he shut that down real quick,” laughed Comstock.

That was when Steven Comstock was a quarterback. Once he moved to a different position, well, he was teammates with Josh Hokit…

“The wrestling community is awesome, and I totally wish our program was still here because all of my buddies from growing up wrestled here,” he said. “I was having some conversations and it looked pretty promising. And unfortunately they cut the program, so that was tough.”

Though it does make it easier to just focus on football.

And Steven Comstock found his niche. He played in all 13 games last season, recording five tackles.

“What got me here was Tedford being a man of his word, and I really liked that,” he said. “Some of the other schools didn’t show me the respect or the decency of just being a man. And I really enjoyed that.”