FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Nikko Remigio is a name Fresno State fans have heard often through the first two games of the season. Remigio joined the Bulldogs’ program in January 2022 as a transfer from Cal.

“I’ve had the opportunity to really learn and understand Bulldog football and the traditions that make Bulldog football. You know its deep rooted and filled with hard work,” said Remigio.

Head coach Jeff Tedford described Remigio as a great competitor.

“You’ve got to put the reigns on him in practice because he goes hard on every single play,” said Tedford.

Nikko Remigio spent the past four seasons at Cal where he received his undergraduate degree. He found a connection with Jeff Tedford, who was head coach of the Golden Bears for eleven seasons from 2002-2012.

“You hear so much about coach Tedford at Cal. He’s held to such a high standard and recognized as one of the legends over there,” said Remigio. “When I heard of the opportunity to play for him and got the call from him, it was something that was really appealing and intriguing to me.”

Fresno State suffered a 35-32 loss to Oregon State in Week Two, and will travel to Los Angeles to face No. 7 USC next Saturday at 7:30pm.