FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – If Aaron Judge is in the lineup, Mike Batesole is paying attention.

“So I’ve got a list of guys that we try to be first,” smiled the Bulldogs’ head baseball coach. “So when it’s going over the left fielder’s head, I’m already going, ‘5-5 send, 5-5 send,’ right?”

Mike Batesole coached Aaron Judge for three years at Fresno State (2011-2013). He did not display the consistent power for the Bulldogs that he has shown with the Yankees, but its potential was always there.

“What he focused on was being a great hitter, which he’s become. And then the power comes as you become a man,” said Batesole. “So now he’s hitting more balls on the barrel, and he’s stronger and all that experience is ‘boom.’ And don’t think that right field porch doesn’t help a little bit.”

It has helped him to another 50-home run season, just the tenth player in Major League Baseball history to do that twice.

The question now is, will he get to 60? How many home runs will Aaron Judge hit in 2022?

“Right, and I think at the beginning you say, ‘no way. Could he? One-in-a-million,'” said Batesole. “But now that he’s in the position he’s in, can he hit five more?

“Well heck yeah, he can hit five more.”