FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – It’s been 30 years, but Johnny Johnson can still remember Jim Sweeney’s voice on the night the Bulldogs beat USC to win the 1992 Freedom Bowl.

“Go get ’em, knock ’em out, light ’em up, no ‘Dogs down,” he smiled. “So, you know, Jim Sweeney, rest in peace, he got us prepared. And with the difference in coaches, I think we executed the game plan and we knocked ’em in the mouth. It was kind of like, ‘whoa.’ We stung them, took the lead and never gave it back.”

They did not.

Fresno State took the lead in the third quarter, and was the only team to score in the second half. The Bulldogs won, 24-7, their only win over USC in school history.

“You know, the Red Wave was in full effect,” said Johnson. “We had like 36 busloads of Red Wavers down there and, you know, just our defense dominating, our offense dominating. So those are my memories. Lorenzo Neal just carrying two or three Trojans on his back.”

Lorenzo Neal was the game’s MVP, rushing for 75 yards and a touchdown. He also had 21 receiving yards.

1992 was Johnny Johnson’s first season as a Bulldog. Winning the Freedom Bowl is by far his best memory as a Bulldog.

“We just wanted some respect,” he said. “Fresno State wasn’t getting a lot of respect so we wanted to play the big boys and let them know that we were able to play and hang with them as well.”